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Field Trips

UPatras Geo-Mining Field Workshop: Silesia Poland 2022

The UPatras S.E.G. Student Chapter conducted the 10-day field based “UPatras Geo-Mining Field Workshop: Silesia Poland 2022” in Poland between 08 and 17th of July 2022. Nineteen members of our Chapter joined our field trip including our Academic Advisor Dr. Stavros Kalaitzidis. During our stay we visited many major and historical mines of Poland and more specifically: Tarnowskie Gory (Pb-Zn-Ag mine), Guido Mine (metallurgical coal mine) and the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

Our Chapter also visited the University of Silesia and specifically the Faculty of Natural Sciences, where we met our Polish colleagues and later joined them at their field-based mapping exercise at the Holly Cross Mountains. We also had the chance to visit the Institute of Energy and Fuel Processing Technology in Zabrze, where we had a firm grasp of how important is linking and applying theory and geological information to industry and metallurgy in order to serve the needs of society. Additionally, we visited Historical museums such us the Silesian Museum of Katowice and the old historical center of Krakow and last but not least we paid a visit at the Memorial and Museum “Auschwitz-Birkenau” Former German Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp.

Our Chapter wants to thank our sponsors for their vital contribution to our goal, since without their help this field workshop would not be possible and more specifically: Society of Economic Geologists, the University of Patras and the Research Account Office, the Companies Imerys S.A., Geohellas S.A., Topalidis S.A., Geotest Consulting Engineers S.A., as well as Andreas P. Agouridis Sons Distillery, KOULOU and Tentoura Castro – G.P. Hahalis for providing local gifts. We also want to thank the people that contributed the most in order to make our trip unforgettable and especially: Dr Krzysztof Szopa, Dr Magdalena Misz-Kennan, Dr Tomasz Krzykawski και Dr. Małgorzata Wojtaszek-Kalaitzidi for delivering insightful seminars.

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